Installation and initial operation

Add a rate

Share gateway

Auto Open

  • This screens shows all the gates you have access to, both gates that you have created or have been shared with you. Pressing the colored button will open the gate (or request from the gate owner to open the gate, depending on the gate's settings).
  • Use the popup menu to edit the gate, share access, view the gate's history and more.
  • Press the + button to add new gates.
  • Don't forget to check out the side menu for more options.
  • Use this screen to define a new Gate. The name you give the gate is just a descriptive designation for yourself, it will appear on the main screen, and also as the default name when you share this gate.
  • You can set different icons and colors for each gate to easily and quickly recognize them, even while driving.
  • If you set the Gate's location, GateGoing will offer you (and all gate users) a quick link to your favorite navigation system.
You can share access to your gates using any of our predefined "Passes", or create a custom one of your own, here's a quick description of each pass:
  • a) Unrestricted Access - As the name suggests, when you share a gate with this pass, the recipient will be able to open the gate whenever they want.
  • b) One Time Pass - This pass allows the recipient to open the gate just once, useful when you need to allow someone to access your gate for dropping something off.
  • c) One Day Pass - This is useful, for example, for an event, the recipient will only be able to access your gate on the specified date.
  • d) Multi-Day pass – you may want to give the recipient access for a weekend, etc.
  • e) Approval Required Pass – This pass means that every time the recipient wants to access the gate, you will be asked to approve or decline access in real time, only if you approve the gate will open.
  • f) Custom Access – This option allows you to set restriction beyond the above presets, you can set restrictions by times, days, etc. For example, you may want to allow your gardener access only on Sundays and only between the hours of 8:00am to 11:00am
Use this screen to set detailed restrictions for sharing access to a gate.