GateGoing is revolutionizing the parking lot industry by providing a system that is capable of not only opening the lot’s gates and charging users, but also by providing advanced KYC (know-your-customer) capabilities previously not known in the industry, seamless integration with LPR systems, parking sensors and other hardware, as well as smart lot navigation and routing, and all within a 100% paperless solution.


Operating Cost Reduction

Enhanced User Experience

Centralized Lot Operation

Flexible pricing schemes

 Customer identification and communication

100% Paperless Solution

Tool for Business Promotion

Navigation to best available spot

Discount coupons and marketing options

Web/Mobile Operator systems

Cloud data storage and analysis

Integration with Cameras and Sensor

Economic Savings

Beyond the transition to modern technology and upgrading the customer service system, the use of the GateGoing system leads to immediate economic savings by making entry ticket machines and payment kiosks unnecessary, GateGoing is a 100% paperless solutions, and as such, there is also no need for human cashiers either.

Flexible Pricing

GateGoing allows for incredible pricing flexibility, no longer are lot owners forced to simple pricing schemes simply because the technology doesn’t support it. With GateGoing you can have different groups of users which can be charged differently, for example, the public may have 1 hour free and then pay X every 15 minutes while subscribers may have 3 hours free and then pay Y every hour, or even just a one time payment or fixed monthly payments for others.

Lot Navigation

With the integration of parking sensors, GateGoing can automatically direct the users to the best available stall in the parking lot. We understand that not all users have the same parking needs, and therefore GateGoing provides an industry first patent-pending mechanism for assigning “best” parking stalls to users. For larger lots, GateGoing can help the users find their way in the parking lot by providing them a list of establishments and the best parking area to reach them.

Lot Operators

With GateGoing, a parking lot is pretty much self sustained, users open the gates to enter and exit and the system charges them as needed. Regardless, the system provides special features to Lot operators to enable them to manage the lot on site, these include the ability to remotely Open an entrance or exit, the ability to view current lot occupants, parking history, manage lot members and even communicate directly with the lot users in case of emergencies, for example: “You forgot your dog in the car”, etc.

Lot operators can also receive notifications when a user enters or exits a lot and also emergency notifications sent by the users. A lot may have many lot operators to accommodate shifts, etc.


  • No need to install anything beyond the GateGoing App.
  • GateGoing can integrate with other hardware (sensors, cameras, etc.) and software (accounting, marketing, etc.) solutions.