List of features

Allways free
for personal use

  • Make your Gate smart, no hardware required, no installation required
  • No phone call required to open phone controlled gates
  • Automatically define Gates using access codes
  • Create gates and share them with family, friends, tenants, employees
  • Assign Gate location for quick navigation
  • Create event specific Access Codes and share them with your guests
  • Receive a notification whenever a gate you have shared is used
  • Get access from other gate owners
  • View history of gate access
  • Monitor activity and change access permissions in real time
  • Ability to automatically or manually approve the opening of your gates by others
  • IFTTT integration enabled using GateGoing’s predefined or custom applets (coming soon)
  • Control access to your gates as needed, by dates, days, hours or number of uses and others
  • If you allow it, people you shared gates may reshare with others
  • Secure, all communication is 128 bit end-to-end encrypted to protect your privacy and resources.