GateGoing Gago

The most advanced gate/door controller ever created!

Introducing Gago

The world's smartest gate controller is based on the latest IoT technologies and combines unparalleled installation and operation convenience.

Gago can be installed on any gate, door, barrier and parking lot entrance operated by a motor or any electronic lock. Gago is always connected to the Internet using a DATA SIM with a minimal data plan or via WiFI/ETH and does not require dialing the gate/door to open it.

Advanced Features


No need to send an SMS to set anything up, Gago uses our best-in-class app to set up and also to open your gate


Gago works with normally closed and normally open circuits, it can generate custom pulses to match your needs


With Gago you can safely grant access permissions to others


Unlike controllers that work via phone calls, Gago connects directly through the cloud for an extra quick response


Your Gago will let you know if there's an issue with your gate

Limit Switches

Gago includes a limit switch input which allows you to see the state (open/closed) of your gate

Reading material

Gago vs. other controllers

Gago Other controllers
One module does it all Yes No. You need to buy a new unit to grow or add functionality
Unlimited number of users Yes No. Entry level controllers usually support up to 30-60 users, unlimited may be available at a premium price
Limit switch support included Yes No. Only premium expensive units have this capability
Remote control capable Yes No. Only premium expensive units have this capability
No recurring fees Yes, use any SIM (or WiFi/ETH) No. Vendor insists on selling own SIM
2-years full replacement warranty Yes No. Usually up to a year warranty, no money back guarantee
Easy setup Yes, scan a QR code and it works Not always. In many cases requires vendor intervention to activate the controller and the management system
Self-provisioning Yes, web based operation to pay and activate SIM No. Often if SIM expires the client must call the installer who has to call the vendor to release the SIM
Concealed SIM number Yes. If users need a dial-to-open option, they call a virtual number different from user to user No. Users call the unit’s phone number leaving it exposed to unauthorized use
Face recognition capable Yes No
QR code capable Yes No
Connectivity GSM, WiFi or ETH GSM only
Flexible Yes, Gago can control access to gates, barriers, doors, classrooms, even appliances No
OTA upgrades Yes, your Gago gets periodic automatic firmware upgrades over-the-air Firmware upgrades not available
Who’s behind it
Reliability Not working? Money back guarantee, no questions asked. Who knows
Technology approach Our Over The Air upgrade facility ensures that your Gago is always up to date, releasing new versions often Stagnant, old fashioned systems with no updates or upgrades
Communication As much as possible, 7 ways to contact us directly including phone, WhatsApp, facebook No direct contact, contact installer who'll contact distributor who may contact supplier on your behalf. Good luck
Last but no least - Pricing Highest quality at a fair and affordable price Usually either low quality, short on features or high prices