GateGoing Admin

Add "smarts" to your current gate access controllers


If you and your users currently make a call to your gate to open it, then you can upgrade to our cloud-based GateGoing Admin system to make your solution more secure, flexible and easy to use, both for you and your users, without having to replace your current hardware.

GateGoing Admin, in combination with our award-winning app, allows you to easily manage your existing controllers while adding smart functionality for you and your users.

Key Benefits


As you know, people today can call your gate's number pretending to be someone else and open it without your permission. Stop this completely with Admin's virtual number feature

No Extra Hardware

There is also no need for servers or anything like that, Admin works with your existing controllers (or can replace them with our smart Gago if you want)

Access Restrictions

Grant different types of access permissions to different users

Ease of Management

Login remotely to Admin to quickly grant or remove access from your users

Ease of Use

Your users can open the gate by simply clicking on our app, no need to make phone calls to the gate


Our smart AI algorithms can alert you if there is a problem with your gates well before your users start complaining


Extended reports and real-time views allow you to see all your gates' activities


Automation scripts allow you to open multiple gates at a time


Easily set schedules to automatically open/close your gates at set times


Admin can integrate with third-party systems like cameras

Try it for free!

Download the app today and get a 30 day free trial for our full blown Admin, if you don't like it, you can continue using the Admin Lite version for free!



What do you actually need to do?



Start by downloading the app from the app store and go through the short registration process



Use the app or the Admin dashboard to set up your gates, all you need to do is give them a name and enter the phone numbers you call to open them


Grant Access

Now that your gates have been created, you can grant your users access to them, either one by one, or by uploading excel files



After granting them access, they will receive a link to download the GateGoing app, which, after installing, will already have your gates set up so they can click to open them



Both yourself as the manager and your users now have access to the advanced features mentioned above