GateGoing Drive

The ultimate vehicle access control system


GateGoing Drive is a complete vehicle access control system. Whether for large communities, parking lots, building garages or even single home garage doors, Drive provides the ultimate, most affordable, and easy to use cloud based system.

Drive is a combination of our best-in-class Admin panel, our award-winning app, and our industry-leading Gago. Together you can quickly and easily set up your gates and barriers as well as grant/revoke access to your users, which, in turn, use our powerful app to open them based on the criteria you have set up.



With our Drive system, your gates can only be opened via our secure and encrypted app, no longer will users be able spoof their way into calling and opening your gate without permission.

Complete Control

Using our web admin or admin app you can quickly and easily grant or revoke access from any user.


Not all users are the same, with Drive, you can configure different types of access to different users, some may be allowed only certain days, even certain hours, while others may have full 24/7 access.


You can create schedules for the gate or barrier to automatically open or close, you can also create automations for opening multiple gates at a time for example, or even connecting to other systems, for example, turning on the parking garage lights when the gate is open.

Where GateGoing Drive Works


Office Buildings

Apartment Complexes

Parking Lots




What do you actually need to do?


Install a Gago on each of the doors and scan it's code, this will create the door in our system.

Grant Access

Using our web admin or admin app, grant users access to each of the gates.

Click and Drive

Users can now approach the gate and click on the app to open it, if allowed, the gate will open for them.

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Advanced Features

Access Restrictions

Grant different types of access permissions to different users


Smart AI algorithms can alert you if there is a problem with your gates well before your users start complaining


Extended reports and real-time views allow you to see all your gates activities


Automation scripts allow you to open multiple gates at a time


Easily set schedules to automatically open/close your gates at set times


Drive can integrate with third-party systems like cameras

Limit Switches

Our Gagos come ready to connect to limit switches so you can be advised when the gate is open or closed


With a touch of a button you can lock all your gates


In case of emergencies, with a simple touch you can open all your gates for emergency services