About Gago
‣ What is Gago?
‣ GAGO + GateGoing vs. other garage door openers
‣ How do I install Gago?
‣ Where can I purchase Gago?
‣ Centralized management of gates, barriers and parking lots
‣ How do I install the app?
‣ How do I update the app?
‣ How do I add a gate?
‣ Can I share my gate with other people?
‣ Where are all these images coming from?
‣ The owner of the gate is not in the country and his phone is not available. Will the gate still open?
‣ How do I open a gate I don't have access to?
‣ Is there a limit to the number of gates I can have in GateGoing?
‣ What is the Create Gate wizard?
‣ Can I be notified every time someone opens my gate?
‣ Sound Effects
‣ Can I open a gate without pressing any buttons?
‣ How do I delete a gate?
‣ Can I close the app automatically after opening a gate?
‣ What is the web Admin system and how can it be used?
Awards Program
‣ What is the GateGoing Awards Program?
‣ Where can I see the status of my points and badges in the Awards Program?
‣ Sorting by distance
‣ Can my gate open automatically as I approach it?
‣ The gate did not open?
‣ The gate starts opening but stops mid-way
‣ The gate does not appear in the correct location
‣ What happens to my gates and shares if I uninstall and re-install GateGoing?
‣ Open gates using SMS and IP communications
‣ I cannot open a gate I could before
‣ Using phone location services
‣ Location Services not working, what's happening?
‣ What permissions are required by GateGoing?
Community Gates
‣ About Community Gates
‣ How can I open a community gate?